Layton cop car hit by suspected drunk driver

Local News

LAYTON, Utah (ABC4 Utah) – A suspected drunk driver hit a police officer’s car while the officer was handing out a ticket, according to authorities. The dash camera caught the hit. A red car clearly side-swipes the squad car, just misses the car pulled over, then stops on the side of the road.

The officer, Joshua Lynch, was not hurt. Lynch was speaking to a driver through the passenger side window, a decision that could have saved his life. 

Lynch is a DUI enforcement officer in Layton and was out on a standard shift when his car was hit.  

Layton Public Information Officer Travis Lyman said that Lynch often approaches drivers on the drivers side. “Just by the nature of the work that he’s doing, he’s looking for drunk drivers and he needs to be close enough sometimes to smell the alcohol, but in this case he chose to go on the passenger side and we’re certainly grateful that he did.”

It happened early Saturday morning on Antelope drive, just west of Main st. in Layton. The driver is a 20-year-old female and she was also uninjured. The squad-car sustained minor scuffs and scrapes. 

Lieutenant Lyman warned, “The law states the drivers are required to either slow down if they are not able to get into another lane or move over if possible. At a minimum they are required to slow down…” Officers have the freedom to approach on either side of the vehicle when making a stop.

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