Lawmaker presents bill to ban abortion after 15 weeks

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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 News) –  A state representative faced the media and a crowd of supporters on Wednesday to outline her bill that would ban abortion in most cases after 15 weeks.

“We should be leading out on this issue. We should be on the front, demanding safety for women and protections for the unborn,” said State Rep. Cheryl Acton.

On Wednesday she touted House Bill 136 to a packed room of mostly supporters at the State Capitol.

“It changes only one thing about current abortion law — the window of opportunity for abortion,” said Acton.

Under House Bill 136, Acton says nearly all second trimester abortions would be banned.

“There are studies in scholarly journals showing that abortion in the second trimester poses serious risks to women,” said Acton.

But State Rep. Angela Romero says the bill isn’t the right move for Utah.

“There’s case study to show that, if we go forward with this bill, it might be tied up in courts,” said Romero.

“And is that really where we want to spend our money?” She added.

She cites a lawsuit that went to state court in the 10th District back in 1996.

“They found that the law that we had put in place for 20 weeks placed an unconstitutional undo burden on women’s rights to choose to have an abortion,” said Romero.

“We’ve had this conversation over and over again, and I really fell like it’s a wast of our time as elected officials,” said Romero.

“I don’t think any woman wakes up and says I’m going to have an abortion. I think there are factors and reasons there, and it’s really none of my business. That’s between that individual, and her health provider, and her circle of trust,” added Romero.

The bill could go before a House committee as early as next week.

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