Law enforcement use lessons from shootings in new training

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TAYLORSVILLE, Utah (News4Utah) More than 100 first responders honed their skills in case an active shooter targets Salt Lake Community College. 

Three drills Thursday were dramatically different from prior years, as they implementing a technique to treat victims while the shooter is still active.

“Time is of the essence. The more time that goes passed, the more people who are severely injured or killed,” Lt. Todd Royce said.

Where they once waited for tactical teams, the officers, deputies and troopers now train to immediately go inside and confront the shooter, no matter what. 

“Their biggest deal is to neutralize the threat. Look for where the threat is and stop it,” Lt. Royce said.

In February, the Parkland, Florida shooter blended in with students and left the school in the crowd. During this training, everyone leaving campus is a potential suspect. 

Just like what happened in the Las Vegas shooting, law enforcement used their vehicles to get victims to hospitals immediately. 

“This is a very, very real and serious thing for us for sure,” Joy Tlou said, Director of Public Relations for Salt Lake Community College. 

Utah Highway Patrol, Unified Police, Unified Fire, West Valley Police and West Valley Fire Departments cooperated in the training. 

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