Law enforcement shocked by Payson plane crash shortly after jail release

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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (News4Utah) A Utah County Sheriff sergeant admits there was no indication Duane Youd would crash a plane into his Payson home hours after being arrested for domestic violence. 

Sgt. Spencer Cannon said he had a casual conversation while Youd was being booked into the Utah County Jail late Sunday. Had he seen any reason why Youd was a threat to himself, Sgt. Cannon is adamant he would never have been released. 

“It’s bizarre,” Sgt. Cannon said to News4Utah during a phone interview.

Investigators said Youd was calm and respectably followed instructions while in custody. 

“He wasn’t angry. He wasn’t yelling. He wasn’t bitter about being there.”

Sunday afternoon, investigators said a witness called police saying Youd was punching and hitting a woman in American Fork Canyon. 

During the attack, the woman fought back, causing the scratch marks captured in Youd’s mug shot. 

Youd allegedly dragged her out of the truck, but she jumped back into the bed while he was driving away.

Youd is accused of swerving erratically in an effort to throw her out of the moving vehicle. He was booked into jail for suspicion of domestic violence and shortly released on bond. 

Youd then flew a plane into his home while his wife and stepson were inside. Youd died in the fiery crash.

“It was a shock. We were shocked,” Utah Domestic Violence Coalition Prevention Coordinator Claire Mosby said. 

She said the hours after an abuser is released from jail can be a dangerous time for victims. 

“It’s an indication to the perpetrator that they are losing control over this person they’ve had power and control over,” said Mosby. 

Mosby said the Domestic Violence Coalition and law enforcement will try to learn what they can to make sure someone will bad intentions isn’t released from jail again. 

Youd had another domestic violence misdemeanor charge earlier this year in Payson. 

If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence and is in danger, call 911. Victims can also call the Utah Domestic Violence Coalition at 1-800-897-5465.

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