The Lauren McCluskey Foundation is supporting ‘100 Feral Cats Day’ to help improve the lives of feral cats in Moscow, Idaho. 

Sunday, Animal House Ferals, of Moscow, Idaho, teamed up with Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine students to trap, spay, neuter and immunize cats, according to Moscow-Pullman Daily News.

The cats trapped were brought to Affordable Veterinary Care & Spay Neuter Clinic in Moscow where they were immunized for rabies and feline leukemia. The event was funded by PetSmart Charities and the Lauren McCluskey Foundation.

You can read the full article abuot the event here. 

Lauren McCluskey, 21, was shot and killed on the University of Utah’s campus on October 22, 2018. 

The Lauren McCluskey Foundation was created to “honor Lauren’s legacy by supporting charitable work in her name.” It was started in January, 2019, by Lauren’s parents, Jill and Matt McCluskey.

Based off information on the Lauren McCluskey Foundation website, it states the foundation was created to honor Lauren’s legacy by supporting charitable work in her name.

Donations received by the foundation go to individuals (e.g., student athletes) and organizations (e.g., research organizations, animal shelters).

The Lauren McCluskey Foundation supports charitable work in the following areas:

  • Campus safety. Funding for research and education programs to keep our daughters safe.

  • Amateur athletics. Financial assistance for student and youth Track & Field athletes.

  • Animal welfare. Building on the success of Lauren McCluskey’s Cat Wing, support for animal shelters and other programs.

The foundation stated Lauren loved animals and volunteered at the Whitman County Humane Society in Pullman, Wash., helping to socialize cats so they would be more adoptable. Lauren had two of her own cats, Fuzzy and Victory. 

The foundation also mentioned a memorial fund in Lauren’s honor that was set up by the University of Utah to help support student athletes, has raised $94,000 since November. 

The Lauren McCluskey Foundation is registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Contributions are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. The foundation’s tax identification number is 83-3050829.