SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 News) – Lauren McCluskey would have graduated this weekend. The University of Utah student was murdered in October by a man she once dated, and a campus has been searching for answers ever since.

“Honestly, as a woman, it’s really scary — and it’s really sad to think that there are those people in this world, but there are terrible people who want to do bad things, and I don’t always feel safe on campus especially when it’s dark,” said graduating senior Deaven Beales. “It’s scary,” she added.

“I wish that we would feel safer on campus, with better lighting, closer parking spots,” said Beales.

According to university spokesperson Chris  Nelson, in the wake of an independent review, the university has implemented 30 campus safety recommendations.

“We’ve increased the number of police officers, they have a victim advocate now who works for the police department, they have a community relations specialist,” said Nelson.

“We have changed the reporting structures within our housing so there’s one point of contact,” he added.

Nelson says demand for their on-campus vehicle escort service has doubled, year over year, and he wants students with concerns to use the SafeU page:

Student Deaven Beales will be graduating, but she wants the university to do better for students in the future.

“The university has faulted us in so many different ways, as well as the police department,” said Beales.

For an update on the university’s 30 implementations for campus safety, click here


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