Las Vegas shooter’s neighbors speak out

Local News

MESQUITE, Nevada (ABC4 Utah) – Investigators hope the Las Vegas shooter’s live-in girlfriend may hold the key to unraveling the motive that drove Stephen Paddock to open fire on hundreds of people. 

Marilou Danley returned to the US Wednesday. Investigators say she was in the Philippines during the massacre and is considered a person of interest in the investigation. 

Paddock and Danley lived in a quiet retirement community in Mesquite, Nevada. Inside their home, police say they discovered 19 guns, thousand of rounds of ammunition, explosives and electronic devices.

“It’s very scary,” Brenda Hulbert said, who live nearby. 

The Vegas shooting isn’t the first mass murder connected to Kirk and Brenda Hulbert’s community. The couple from Colorado lived in through the Columbine and Aurora shootings. Their vacation home in Mesquite became a refuge. 

“We’ve always said if anything ever happened bad in the world that we would just come here and be safe. This just kind of rocked our world,” Hulbert said. 

“I’ve got the jitters,” Jocelyn Meeks said, who lives near the shooter’s home. 

Meeks admits she and her late husband suspected Vegas could be a target of evil, but never expected ties to the small town 30 miles south of the Utah border.

“We said of course, of course it’s going to happen. We didn’t expect it, home grown we could have expected, but not a guy like this, a wealthy gambler who lives in our town,” Meeks said. 

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