SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – Everyone knows parenting can be challenging.

That’s why ABC4 has teamed up with parenting journalist and expert Donna Tetreault to learn how parents can navigate through these challenges.

Today on Kids Under Construction, Tetreault welcomes Dr. Regine Muradian to talk about Team Project RISE, which is a teacher training program that gives educators the tools they need to help students who are facing mental health struggles.  


Dr. Muradian says she started Team Project RISE during the pandemic to address the mental health needs of children during such a difficult time.

“I saw children’s mental health deteriorating,” Muradian tells ABC4’s Emily Clark. “I saw sadness, loneliness, and isolation,” she adds.

“Teachers, they need mental health training, right? Just like they receive diversity training, they receive harassment training ” Muradian says.

To learn more about Team Project RISE, watch the full conversation with Tetreault and Dr. Muradian in the video at the top of this story.