KEARNS, Utah (ABC4) – Just another day in the life of a Utah police officer.

Local law enforcement recently took time to help out a Kearns resident whose home was vandalized by graffiti. 

Six officers from the Unified Police Department’s (UPD) Kearns Precinct joined in on the group cleaning effort. 

The officers can be seen kneeling on the ground and hand-scrubbing the stone wall. Authorities spent around six hours scraping and scrubbing the defaced wall.

“It’s very expensive to remove graffiti, and if you leave it there it can attract crime,” authorities say. “Rival gangs tag over another gang’s tag. Many homeowners are not able to afford to pay to remove graffiti themselves.”

Officials estimate the cleanup saved the homeowners around $1,800 in cleaning fees. 

“I have a new appreciation for graffiti removal,” says Sergeant Cordova with UPD.