MILLARD COUNTY (News4Utah)- An assistant chief with the Kanosh Fire Department was charged for raping a firefighter under his command over a span of three years.

On Wednesday, 26-year-old Austin James Corry of Kanosh, was charged with two counts of rape, two counts of object rape, five counts of forcible sex abuse, and five counts of sexual battery.

According to charging documents, the incidents started three years ago.

“In 2015, when the two were alone in the fire station, Corry approached [the victim] in the cab of the truck and wanted to ‘mess around.’ She told him no repeatedly, but he ignored her,” court documents stated.

This happened on several occasions in 2015.

“Over time, [the victim] began spending less and less time at the fire station and thought about quitting, but she didn’t want to leave her job,” court records state.

In April 2018 Corry assaulted her again.

“Fearing this might happen on this occasion, [the victim] engaged the audio recorder on her cell phone. On the recording, [she] can be heard repeatedly telling Corry ‘no,’ and to ‘stop,’ but he ignores her and continues to sexually assault her,” charges state.

On August 19, 2018 the victim learned Corry was possibly leaving the department, so court papers state “she decided to stick it out”. The next day after a call was canceled the victim was reportedly changing in the locker room when Corry came in and assaulted her again, documents state. This encounter was also caught on an audio recording.

The next day the victim reported that Corry texted her saying he was “very sorry” about what happened and that he “Hope[s] you’ll forgive me”.

Once other people arrived, the probable cause statement says the victim was found “emotional and upset”. That night law enforcement was contacted, but police say, Corry was nowhere to be found.

“An attempt to locate was issued for Austin,” police stated. He was eventually found by his dad and agreed to speak with detectives.  

During the interview, Corry admitted to the incident on the 20th and that the victim said she “didn’t want to” and was saying to stop.

“He admitted that she said ‘no’ five or six times,” records state.

Charging document state when describing another occasion Corry eventually acknowledged it was actually rape.

He was booked into Utah County Jail on a $30,000 cash-only bail.

If you or someone you know needs help, call the toll-free Statewide 24-hour Sexual Violence Crisis and Information Hotline at 1-888-421-1100. Click here for a list of Rape Crisis Resources in Utah.