WEST VALLEY CITY (ABC4)- Police detained a juvenile after a gun was found inside his vehicle in the parking lot of Granger High School. 

Granite School District spokesman Ben Horsley confirmed the events took place on school property.

Police say a former 10th-grade student who had not attended class for more than a week was seen driving erratically in the parking lot of the school. He left and came back after his dad arrived at the school to get him to enroll in class again. Horsley said students who do not attend school for more than 10 days are disenrolled and must enroll again if they are to be back in class.

The juvenile was detained in the parking lot where police searched his vehicle after getting permission from his parents. Police found a loaded weapon during the search. Authorities are not certain where the juvenile got a hold of the weapon.

Horsley said the gun was never used or was brandished at any time. Parents were notified of the incident. The juvenile will face charges of possession of a weapon on campus.