Justice is served after Ogden hit-and-run, victims battling trauma

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OGDEN, Utah (ABC4) – An Ogden man has pleaded guilty to charges after a hit and run that left a 13-year-old in critical condition. 27-year-old Chaz Wolford is scheduled for sentencing April 13.

8 months ago, then 13-year-old Edan Rynes said he suffered from nightmares after being hit in May while riding scooters on Harrison Boulevard with his brother Nathaniel.

“I really thought that he died because when we went over the guard rail, all I could think about was him and I couldn’t find him for a second, finally found his body and I checked for a pulse made sure that he was breathing, shook him to wake up because he wasn’t awake, he wasn’t screaming or anything until I shook him to wakeup,” says Nathaniel Rynes.

“Yeah I think about it everyday, it sucks…” says Edan Rynes.

Edan was left with multiple broken bones, scars and needed new teeth, leaving his mother, Sherry with about $10,000 in hospital bills. 

“He goes out here and scooters, but he worries about his hip, he wants to go snowboarding and he’s afraid,” says Sherry Rynes, the victims mother.

Now, Edan and Nathaniel are focusing on their scooter skills but say they are still traumatized. 

“It’s just been difficult because watching my brother recover and everything, it was terrifying for me,” says Nathaniel.

Edan says the sound of cars puts him on edge.

“Yeah, I get scared and I just jump out of the way,” says Edan.

27-year-old Chaz Wolford pleaded guilty to charges of third-degree felony failure to remain at the scene of an injury crash and class A misdemeanor obstruction of justice. 

“It’s really just a blessing to me that they actually caught him and now he’s facing charges and everything else they got against him,” says Nathaniel.

The Rynes boys say they will hopefully get closure, after Wolford’s sentencing on April 13.

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