It’s Pie Day: What’s your favorite kind of pie?

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Eat up!  It’s Pie Day.

According to several sources, January 23 is Pie Day. Not to be confused with “Pi Day” or 3.14 on March 14th.

A Harris Poll,  done a few years ago,  says that apple pie is America’s favorite pie. It got 12 percent of the vote.

Other top tasting pies, according to Yahoo, include coconut cream, chocolate cream, pecan, blueberry, blackberry, and pumpkin. 

The Pie Council says Romans spread the word about pies around Europe in the 14th Century. The first pie recipe was published by the Romans. It was a goat cheese and honey, rye-crusted pie. (which is not on the list of top pies these days).

Early pies were predominately pies with meat in them. Fruit pies and tarts, according to the Pie Council, started to gain popularity in the 1500s. 

Pumpkin pie became popular in America in the early 1800s. 

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