SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH (ABC4) – Welcome to October! It is definitely feeling like autumn in northern Utah as temperatures dropped over 10 degrees from Thursday to Friday.

We’ll see those temperatures continue to stay low Saturday before rising a bit starting Sunday, but that is not to say they’ll stay high. We’ll only be in the upper 70s for most of the coming week. The good news is that the storms should be staying away for a little while, putting a mostly sunny shine on the outdoors and making for a perfect opportunity for a drive into the mountains to see the fall colors.

Southern Utah will tell a different story when it comes to the storms. Friday gave us quite a show with flash flooding over much of central and southern Utah. Thunderstorms moved across that region for much of the night, especially in the southeastern portion of the state. This is another pattern that will hold, as we’ll see the southeast caught in a loop of storms on Saturday with the rest of the south joining them on Sunday. The National Parks will see the possibility of flash flooding designations across almost every park for the entire weekend, so please be very careful if you are planning on visiting any of our beautiful parks.

By Monday, we should start to see a lessening of the storms. We could still see a few scattered showers here and there throughout southern Utah, but for the most part, after Monday we should be a little more in the clear. We’ll also see a slight rise in temperatures putting us at almost seasonal.

Bottom Line?! A weekend of cool temperatures in the north and scattered showers in the south.

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