SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — West High School students are home safe tonight after the school was on lockdown for roughly four hours Monday.

Salt Lake City Police said this was due to an alleged gun threat. Three students have been detained in connection with the incident.

One of them was taken into custody at the Salt Lake Valley Detention Center.

“I mean it’s my worst fear,” said Fabiola Moreno. “I started freaking out. I started crying.”

Fabiola Moreno left work as soon as she heard about the lockdown due to an alleged gun threat.

She has two kids at West High, but just her freshman daughter Delylah Garcia was at school during the lockdown.

Moreno told ABC4 she left work because she was worried about Garcia.

Garcia spoke to us after the lockdown was lifted and said this lockdown and alleged gun threat does not come as a surprise. 

Moreno spoke to her daughter through FaceTime and said, “I’ll let you go since you can’t talk, love you.”

Garcia couldn’t talk to her mother because she was in the middle of a school lockdown because of a picture on social media showing a student holding a gun present on school grounds.

The picture is below:

“We understand this has not been an easy day,” said West High School Principal Jerad Wright over the intercom.

“I think with other school shootings you question it and you do not think it is going to happen, but this definitely hit home,” said Moreno.

SLCPD said a student stole the firearm from a family member, and brought it to school.

“I want to reiterate the school and the students are safe,” said Salt Lake City Police Chief Mike Brown.

“We appreciate your patience as we went through our protocol to make sure the campus is safe,” said Wright.

Garcia was able to hug her mom after having to wait during the lockdown in her dark and quiet classroom.

“It is like not shocking coming from this school,” said Garcia.

Garcia said this doesn’t surprise her that this happened at her school.

“It didn’t feel real like it didn’t cross my mind to be scared or anything,” said Garcia.

Garcia added it probably helped her mom has talked to her about gun safety.

“It definitely does come down to parenting,” said Moreno. “As a parent, my kid knows better and I can assure you they would never expose or do something like that since we had that talk with them.”

SLCPD said one of the students was released to their parents and may face charges. 

The investigation into the third student, and their involvement, is still ongoing.

Also, at this time, the weapon associated with this case has not been found.

School leaders said resources will be available for students and staff who need to talk.