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MURRAY, Utah (ABC4 News) From Michigan to Murray. This week’s Behind the Badge report introduces us to a man who moved halfway across the country to serve and protect. 

Not long ago, I received an email from a Taylorsville woman who told me about her car crash and how helpful a Murray police officer was during the incident. She says the officer was kind, caring and even gave her a ride to work. This week we track down that “kind” officer in our Behind the Badge report. 

“I did my first report on it back in elementary school I believe it was where I dig into the different branches of  law enforcement and all the different responsibilities you could get into.” As a child in Michigan – Alex Eschtruth knew he wanted to be a police officer. And after serving a religious mission in Utah – he knew he wanted to live and work here. “Fell in love with the mountains and fell in love with the people and the city as a whole.” So, after going through the law enforcement academy – a year and a half ago – he took a job with the Murray Police Department. The 27-year-old lights up when he talks about those exciting moments on the job. “You get the adrenaline pumping. You get into a foot chase. You’re running. You’re being safe. You’re calling out on the radio. At the same time trying to maintain where they’re at.”  And he says chases are tough to beat. “It’s fun to track them down – to get all involved in the high-risk stuff.” 

But he says – he really loves police work because he gets to help people. “The cliche’ answer and really fundamentally for me it’s just helping people – that’s what it comes down to.” He says often its just doing something simple – like helping someone who has run out of gas.     “I’ve always got an empty gas can in my car and I’ll just run down and put three bucks in it and get them on their way.” 
And he says – to him – helping others is what police work is all about. “It’s the day to day stuff that I got into it for – and really enjoy and I like to be able to go home and share those stories with my wife.” 

He also can exchange police stories with his uncle – who is an officer in Salt Lake City. Officer Eschtruth loves patrolling, but working towards becoming a detective you can head to our website to hear him talk about that. While there you can see our past behind the badge stories a nominate an officer for a future story. Just head to

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