It’s a big shopping weekend: Keep your car and valuables safe

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SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 News) – This weekend is going to be a big shopping weekend for many Utahns. While you’re shopping, car burglars will be on the prowl.

You’ve heard police say it before, don’t leave your keys or fobs in your car. 
“I think you’re asking for it if you do that,” said Salt Lake City Driver Jesse Whiting.

Gentz Franz agrees.

“I would always leave my keys on the floor of the car at night,” he said. 
It’s a lesson he tells ABC4 News he learned the hard way.

“They didn’t steal my car or truck, fortunately, but they got everything else in my truck,” Franz adds.

 Salt Lake City police say their biggest issue is when people head to the convenience store.

“People run in for a few minutes just grabbing a cup of coffee and leaving your car running, we don’t want you to come back and find your car gone,” said Salt Lake City Police Detective Michael Ruff. 

In November, Salt Lake City police say 98 vehicles were taken. The good news officers got back 118 vehicles.

“We recover a lot of stolen cars all the time, which unfortunately means we have a lot stolen,” the detective said. “The past month we did recover more cars then we had stolen, which is good news but that means we are also recovering ones from previous months.”

The biggest temptation this weekend for thieves will be what’s inside your vehicle.

“If you leave a coat sitting on your front seat, someone might break your window just to see if you’re trying to hide something,” said Det. Ruff. “If you do have to have anything of value with you, put it in the trunk, make sure it is secured there. Don’t leave anything of value in your car overnight, lock your doors, and make sure everything is out of sight. It makes it so your car is not a target.”

Allowing you to share those wonderful gifts you’ve saved up for this holiday season. 


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