Utah (ABC4) – A Utah-based company is getting people outdoors who never could before. Extreme Motus makes the ultimate off-road wheelchair, The Emma X3. 

The Emma X3 is an all-terrain wheelchair that can take you through grass, gravel, sand, mud, snow, and even float in water.

According to Extreme Motus, the Emma X3 all-terrain wheelchair is light, comfortable, compact, it glides over sand, rocks, grass, gravel, and floats.

Courtesy: Extreme Motus

Ryan Grassley, Chief Marketing Officer for Extreme Motus tells ABC4, Extreme Motus officially started 3 years ago but its origins go back much further when Dale, their mechanic was working as a full-time firefighter for the city of Provo. “He responded to a call one day in Provo Canyon where a family had gathered for a family reunion. A tall tree had fallen on the group and a young girl named Emma was paralyzed,” Grassley shares. 

He says Dale had a reputation for building custom adaptive equipment. He stayed in touch with the family, and eventually, Emma asked him to build a chair that would allow her to go on field trips and other adventures her standard wheelchair couldn’t take her. 

“Dale built the first prototype of what Extreme Motus manufactures today. A one-wheeled chair that had to be balanced by two people. Emma used it for a few adventures and even made it to the top of Mt. Timpanogos,” Grassley adds. 

The idea collected dust for a few years until Adam Beesley, CEO for Extreme Motus saw the one wheelchair in a corner of Loader Machine where Dale was working and asked about it. “Together the three men decided they could help a lot of people if they turned the idea into a business. They settled on a more practical 3 wheeled design and named it the “Emma X3.”” 

Grassley says the company had the perfect chair for people who needed it who didn’t know it existed yet. “They needed help marketing and they found their secret weapon when they met Sam Durst.” 

Emma X3 customers are typically families with a person who has one of many disabilities that prevent them from walking or using their hands to push themselves in a standard wheelchair. “These families all share the challenges of limited mobility and are forced to plan their vacations and weekend adventures around where a wheelchair can and can’t go,” Grassley tells ABC4. 

He says the chair opens up a huge percentage of planet earth that was off-limits before. 

Grassley says one of his favorite adventures with the chair was at Delicate Arch.

“One of my oldest friends Sam Durst has cerebral palsy. Sam and his family had been to Arches National Park before, and Sam and his mother sat in the van while the rest of the family went on the hike. When I heard this story I knew we needed to go back and get revenge on the trail,” Grassley says. 

Courtesy: Extreme Motus

“The trail to Delicate Arch is steep and technical in some places. We tied ropes to the front of the chair so people could pull from the front for added safety and so no one would get too tired during the trek. We even had a couple strangers join our group during the hike to make sure we made it to the arch. When we arrived at the arch Sam was thrilled, but it was his mother who started crying,” Grassley shares.

Sam is 38 years old, and hasn’t been able to have experiences like this since he got too heavy for a backpack around the age of 5, Grassley adds.

He says this experience was emotional for the entire group. “It was an amazing experience.” 

When the Extreme Motus team isn’t on grand adventures like Delicate Arch you might find them at a local skate park grinding rails and catching air off the ramps. 

Sam tells ABC4 his favorite adventure in his chair was the Dirty Dask 5K. “We had people, total strangers come and help me through the obstacles. Some of them stopped the race to help us and after snapped a picture before running off to finish the race. It was fun to get muddy with my friends and do all the obstacles. I had the time of my life,” Sam shares. 

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