BOUNTIFUL, Utah (ABC4) – A turkey on the loose has caused Bountiful Police some trouble.

Upon receiving a call about an escaped turkey, officers at Bountiful PD went on a search to try to capture the feathered friend.

After the turkey was spotted in front of a KFC and a failed capture attempt, officers in Bountiful had given up hope. But upon receiving information that the turkey was spotted asleep, they reinstated their mission.

Bountiful Police found the turkey at a parking garage, and quickly requested that the property manager close the doors so as to contain the bird.

Police cornered the turkey and waited for the owner to arrive.

A Bountiful police officer writes:

“Now, the turkey waited patiently this whole time. I can only assume now that it was simply allowing me to get my hopes up of catching it, knowing that it could escape when it chose. It was analyzing the weak points in the containment strategy. It watched as cars left the garage. It saw the bay doors open, then close as soon as the car was through. As we had more cars move, it suddenly decided it was time to escape. From the complete opposite end of the garage, it effortlessly took flight, in a straight and true line, the moment the door opened again. It was once again free.”

The officer says that he made eye contact with the turkey during its flight, stating, “For a moment, we had a connection.” The officer continues to say that they “didn’t necessarily communicate, but instantly knew that it wanted to be left alone.”

The officer writes that it was a turkey epiphany, calling it a “turkiphany.”

Bountiful Police claim, “It is a turkey of focus, commitment, and sheer will.”

The turkey operation has since been called off, and officers have relinquished their duties to the good people at the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources.

To read the full letter from Bountiful Police, click here.