SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4) – While no playground is 100 percent accident-proof, experts say there are things parents can do to help keep their kids safe. 

According to Utah’s Department of Health and Human Services, local health departments are required to inspect school playgrounds regularly and, because those playgrounds get a lot of use, it never hurts parents to check the equipment before having their kids play on it. 

Utah DHHS’s Violence and Injury Prevention Communications Coordinator Joel Johnson suggested checking things like cracks, inadequate surfacing, rusted parts or damage caused by vandalism. Parents should also be mindful of wet, extremely hot or iced-over equipment. 

Johnson said the most common activity for reported injuries is playing on the monkey bars, but after that, it’s simply running around. This is why he said the most important thing parents can do is watch their children and teach them how to safely use the playground. That includes things like waiting your turn and not running near the swings. 

Senior Health & Safety Specialist for Centro de la Familia, Kathy Carnes has been a playground inspector for 10 years. She said the depth of the playground’s fill is also very important because it can cushion a fall. 

The required depth varies based on the materials used and the playground equipment’s height, but according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the bare minimum is six inches. 

If you have concerns about a local playground, experts say you should reach out to your local health department.