Is your campus as safe as you think it is? Data reports for 8 of Utah’s Universities

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UTAH (ABC4 News) How safe is your university? ABC4 compared data for several large universities around the state to help you decide. 

The data used was retrieved from the U.S. Department of Education Campus Safety and Security reports from 2017 for the following schools around the state who have on-campus housing options. 

Utah Valley University |Total Enrollment: 37,282

Brigham Young University-Provo | Total Enrollment: 34,334

University of Utah | Total Enrollment: 32,800

Utah State University |Total Enrollment: 27,679

Weber State University |Total Enrollment: 27,949

Dixie State University |Total Enrollment: 9,673

Southern Utah University |Total Enrollment: 9,468

Snow College |Total Enrollment: 5,563


Criminal OffenseMurder/Non-negligent manslaughter    0100
b. Negligent manslaughter0000
c. Rape41592
d. Fondling7171210
e. Incest0000
f. Statutory rape0000
g. Robbery1000
h. Aggravated assault2811
i. Burglary92882
j. Motor vehicle theft84001
k. Arson1100
Criminal OffenseMurder/Non-negligent manslaughter    0000
b. Negligent manslaughter0000
c. Rape9335
d. Fondling3223
e. Incest0000
f. Statutory rape0000
g. Robbery2000
h. Aggravated assault0001
i. Burglary6310
j. Motor vehicle theft2000
k. Arson0001
CrimeDomestic violence   72510
b. Dating violence2131
c. Stalking261812


CrimeDomestic violence   2000
b. Dating violence4110
c. Stalking13115
Law ViolationWeapons: carrying, possessing, etc.    0820
b. Drug abuse violations21562446
c. Liquor law violations295614
Law ViolationWeapons: carrying, possessing, etc.    3011
b. Drug abuse violations5640236
c. Liquor law violations648125

In a data comparison from 2014-2017 for all four-year universities, the number of reports for domestic-related incidents including stalking and dating violence have risen around the state:

Year 2014    6,264
Year 2015  7,825
Year 2016  8,586
Year 2017


Serious offense totals include homicide, rape, sexual assaults, aggravated assaults, burglary, robbery, and car thefts:

Year 2014    325
Year 2015  393
Year 2016  545
Year 2017  450

Disciplinary law violations, including weapons charges and drugs and alcohol arrests, have steadily declined:

Year 2014    47,344
Year 2015  42,345
Year 2016  41,177
Year 2017  39,271

An increase in reports of crimes is not necessarily an indicator crime has increased, but could also indicate those crimes are being reported more frequently than in the past. 

The University of Utah has had one murder every year since 2017. From the same data, no other schools have reported any murders or homicides in the last three years. 

For a full report, and to see data for your school, you can visit their website at

If you have faced sexual harassment or sexual violence, you can file a report with your school through their Title IX department. Below is a list of the school’s Title IX departments for more information.


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