Is there video evidence in the Osa Masina trial?

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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 Utah) – Is there a Snapchat video that shows a former Brighton High School and USC football star engaging in sexual activity? That was the question at the center of Osa Masina’s evidentiary hearing Tuesday.
The only person who claims to have seen the video is the accuser’s ex-boyfriend. He took the stand Monday at the Matheson Courthouse and said Masina sent him the alleged video on Snapchat.
According to the ex-boyfriend, he only watched three or four seconds of the video. In that time he said he was able to see that Masina and the woman were naked. He added that Masina was behind the accuser filming her. In the few seconds of viewing the video, the ex-boyfriend said the woman “Wasn’t aware of it (the video). Her head was laying down and her face wasn’t facing the camera. Her eyes were closed. She wasn’t moving. She and Masina were the only ones in the video and it seemed like they were having sex.”
The accuser’s ex-boyfriend later testified that Masina sent him a Snapchat video to apologize. The ex-boyfriend also said the accuser had no idea a video was being taken of her until he informed her.
“She was upset and angry,” said the ex-boyfriend.
When the ex-boyfriend was questioned by the defense and asked why he didn’t save the alleged video, he said he couldn’t save it because of the way Masina sent it to him.
An investigating officer with the Cottonwood Heights Police Department also took the stand. He said the accuser’s ex-boyfriend is the only person they’ve interviewed that has reportedly seen the video. 
ABC4 Utah’s Brittany Johnson talked to the prosecution and defense after the hearing and asked if there is video evidence.
“I don’t want to get into talking about its existence when that is part of the issue here. But what we are containing is that there is enough information to establish it’s existence and we think it has value as part of this case at trial and the rules permitted to be introduced,” replied Blake Nakamura, Chief Deputy, District Attorney’s Office.
“The judge is going to take a look at the evidence. It’s a pretty low threshold about whether or not this evidence comes in. I mean obviously the state has a right to put in the evidence they have but a judge will give us a ruling on that and we’ll see where we go from there,” said Rebecca Skordas, one of the attorneys representing Osa Masina.
The court is expected to reconvene on September 21st for oral arguments. The judge is expected to decide if there’s enough evidence in regards to the alleged Snapchat video to be presented at trial.
The former football player is facing sexual assault charges accused of sexually assaulting a woman last summer. He was previously charged for sexually assaulting the same woman in Los Angeles but those charges were dropped earlier this year.

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