Is broccoli really Utah’s favorite veggie? Survey says…

State by state survey of favorite vegetables

Results of Green Giant’s 2019 Favorite Veggie Survey

PARSIPPANY, N.J. (ABC4 News) Once again, broccoli is the “Veggie Champion.” For the second year in a row a Green Giant survey shows broccoli – a vegetable that is hated and loved across the country – is America’s favorite vegetable. And the edible green cabbage family plant is number one in Utah as well. And in produce terms – this was a vegetable landslide.

Corn came in second with just 7 states. Carrots picked up 2 states. Potatoes, cauliflower, and asparagus each won just 1 state. Cucumbers – which made the list last year in New Mexico and Louisiana – were nowhere to be found this year, with New Mexico joining the broccoli party and Louisiana serving up corn. And New Mexico wasn’t alone in switching veggie parties – because last year, while broccoli was voted number one, it had just 47% of the votes. (24 states) This year, broccoli took 76% of the votes. (39 states) Those votes, according to Green Giant – were the results of an April to May survey involving 5,000 American consumers ages 13 to 73. (See map below)

Green Giant conducted a survey to find America’s favorite veggies by state (PRNewsfoto/Green Giant)

The results are surprising when you consider just a few decades ago broccoli was a relative newcomer and has a lot of detractors. And so many people actually can’t stand broccoli. But researchers say there is a reason for that.

According to studies, we all taste broccoli differently. In fact, researchers say its actually a genetics thing. For some of us broccoli tastes just fine – even without salt, pepper, butter or cheese. However, for others it tastes extremely bitter. Researchers say some people can really taste the glucosinolate compounds. And about 25% of the population has a different version of a taste receptor – that makes broccoli inedible. I can’t explain all that, but if you want to learn more about it check out this link

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