CACHE COUNTY, Utah (ABC4) – A man has been arrested for allegedly starting a fire at the Cache County Jail.

The Cache County Sheriff’s Office says the suspect is Joseph Isaac Moralez, 27.

Deputies were conducting a routine cell check at the jail when they noticed the odor of burning paper.

Upon investigating, deputies found surveillance camera footage showing the suspect, Moralez, had “used broken pieces of graphite (pencil lead)” to light a piece of paper on fire in the cell block common area.

Authorities say Moralez was the only person present in the area at the time.

Moralez was allegedly seen putting pieces of the graphite into “both sides of a socket” and using a third piece of graphite connected to a piece of paper to connect the circuit, causing the paper to burst into flames. Deputies witnessed a “bright flash” ignite when Moralez connected the circuit.

While searching Moralez’s cell, authorities found three pieces of plastic that appeared to be in the process of “being filed down to create sharp objects,” creating “shanks.”

Authorities say the shanks “are intended to cause harm to staff or other inmates.”

Moralez has been arrested on four charges including aggravated arson and transporting prohibited items to a correctional/mental facility.