SALT LAKE COUNTY, Utah (ABC4 News) – An injured climber was rescued after a fall on the West Slabs area of Mount Olympus.

The Salt Lake County Search and Rescue team said they got a call at 6 p.m. reporting an injured climber in a steep, narrow section at the bottom of the West Slabs.

The search and rescue team said three climbers hiked up earlier in the day to climb the West Slabs route.

While they were climbing, one of the female climbers slid into a large snow moat.

Search and rescue crews said she fell about 10 to 15 feet into the moat hitting the rocks at the bottom causing her to injure both legs, her knee, and ribs.

Several teams from the Salt Lake County Search and Rescue were sent up from the bottom and two members got hoisted just above the injured person, officials said.

Two teams were able to get the patient at the same time from above and below and officials said they began treating the injured woman and prepped her to be extracted off the mountain as soon as possible.

Snow anchors were built by the search and rescue team and were successful in getting the injured woman out of the moat to a location where the Department of Public Safety could come in and extract her by helicopter.

After the woman carried away by helicopter, the team hiked the rest of the way out with the two friends that were with the injured woman. They were all off the mountain by 10 p.m., according to officials.

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