KANE COUNTY, Utah (ABC4) – With the water levels continuing to diminish at Lake Powell, the Dangling Rope Marina will remain closed for the 2022 season.

According to a press release, with the lowering water levels, park and concessioner staff are removing marina components from the Dangling Rope location to ensure they do not become beached and inaccessible.

With the closure of the marina, the park will retire several components that are damaged and beyond their lifecycle.

Officials say they continuing to look for a way to provide mid-lake fuel service during the 2022 boating season. However, with the lake levels available options are complicated with the infrastructure needed to power and operate a fuel system and other operational considerations including safety, staffing, and resources.

According to Superintendent William Shott, “Dangling Rope is part of the park’s comprehensive drought response efforts. We know Dangling Rope is important to our visitors and is also extremely important to the National Park Service and our operations.”

The Dangling Rope Marina has been the only place to obtain boat fuel between the Wahweap area in South Lake Powell and the Bullfrog area in North Lake Powell. With a distance of 100 miles, boaters should plan ahead for their needs.