‘I’m devastated’: Dozens of homes flooded in Holladay

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HOLLADAY, Utah (ABC4) – Wednesday’s rain caused dozens of homes in Holladay to suffer at least some flood damage — but, by far, William Garrett Kidd’s was the worst.

“I’m devastated, I’m broken,” said Kidd Thursday as he walked through the backyard, where miscellaneous items lay strewn about and treasured possessions were piled together after being soaked in the flood.

Just yesterday, the same backyard was filled up with water. Floodwater burst into the home and covered the floor of every room.

On Thursday, Kidd walked through with wader boots on as family members carried wet furniture and other items out of the house.

“It was a tidal wave that ran through my house, it would have killed someone,” said Kidd.

“All my guitars were floating down the hallway,” added Kidd.

Now, his family wants answers. Where did the water come from? Why, in the history of this property, has this not happened before?

A Holladay City official told ABC4 that they’d responded to reports of flooding at dozens of homes since Wednesday. Residents are asked to submit bids for damage and restoration; if the city is responsible for the stormwater, the residents can expect repayment.

Kidd says he’s worked on the home for years, only to have so much of his family’s history destroyed by floodwater.

“Who gets flood insurance in Utah? That’s the last thing we ever expected,” said Kidd.

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