PROVO, Utah (ABC4) – Firefighters took quick action as a brush fire was ignited by rogue fireworks in Provo on July 24.

The BYU Police Department released a video catching the firework explosion and subsequent brush fire igniting within moments at the Y Trailhead.

Crews from the Provo Fire Department worked quickly to extinguish the flames before the fire could spread to nearby brush areas, potentially endangering homes.

“Fireworks and dry vegetation. What could go wrong?” says BYU Police.

Officials note the area where the fire ignited was in a fireworks-restricted zone. Provo Fire says the brush was extinguished within 60 seconds of ignition due to fortunate timing.

(Courtesy of BYU Police Department)

“We had brush trucks on patrol during the open shoot window, and we could extinguish the fire quickly,” Provo Fire explains.

Authorities confirm the people involved in the incidents have been detained and cited.

As Utah continues experiencing severe record drought, local officials have been continually reminding the public to practice safe outdoor habits.

Utah Fire Info confirms that most wildfires are human-caused, which means they were entirely preventable.

Be mindful of these top culprits of human-caused wildfires:

  • Vehicles/equipment – These fires can be caused by dragging chains, blown tires, and parking on dry vegetation.
  • Debris burning – Fire officials say the best way to ensure your debris doesn’t spark another wildfire is to keep the piles small, follow the 4-foot rule and don’t burn on hot, dry, or windy days.
  • Campfires – Campfires remain one of the most preventable causes of fires. Officials say the best practices involving campfires are never leaving a campfire unattended and always ensuring a fire is dead before leaving. When in doubt, use this rule of thumb: If the pile is too hot to touch, it’s too hot to leave. Always remember to douse with water, stir, and repeat!
  • Firearms – Triggers include target shooting, exploding targets, and tracer ammunition. Officials say always aim away from dry grass and avoid using rocks as backstops. Try not to use exploding targets or tracer rounds and avoid shooting on hot, windy days.
  • Fireworks – Avoid igniting firework explosives, especially in dry vegetation as the uncontrolled sparks can easily ignite when landing.

Firework restrictions and campfire restrictions are still currently active throughout Utah.