Intermountain Healthcare starts antibody testing to possibly identify anyone who has had COVID-19

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SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 News) – Intermountain Healthcare has started to use a COVID-19 antibody test offered by ARUP which may help identify previous COVID-19 infections.

The test could very well tell you whether you have had COVID-19, but there is just no proof that even a positive test means you’re immune going forward.

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As the science and research continues, medical professionals will know more about what this test actually tells us. The message is doctors want you to temper your enthusiasm your expectations.

“What we want the public to do…is limit enthusiasm for these tests….we can’t tell you this means immunity…but we won’t be able to tell you if that immunity last for 2 weeks 2 months or 2 decades,” said Dr. Eddie Stenehjem, Intermountain Healthcare Infectious Diseases Physician.

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Intermountain says you need to talk to your primary care physician who would then need to refer you for a test.

Not only could this help you know if you’ve had coronavirus, but the more data we have, the more we know just how widespread the disease is in our state.

What a positive antibody test result means:

  • You were previously infected by COVID-19. 
  • Your body has produced a measurable antibody response to COVID-19.
  • A positive test can also represent a false positive. 
  •  A positive test does not mean the individual is immune to COVID-19.

What a negative antibody test means:

  • There is no evidence you had a past COVID-19 infection. If you still have symptoms that have lasted less than two weeks, it may be too early to detect antibodies.
  • The negative antibody result can’t be used to rule out acute or asymptomatic COVID-19 infection.
  •  It’s unclear if asymptomatic individuals create an immune response with any detectable antibody.  
  •  If you are immunocompromised, you may not create adequate or detectable antibodies.

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