OREM, Utah (ABC4) – On Jan. 21, the Orem Police Department were given a run for their money when a rather problematic man out of Idaho Falls quite literally threatened their lives. 

Barry Patton was arrested on multiple charges after assaulting an Orem officer. Patton was first noticed by authorities when exiting a Maverik parking lot near 825 N 1200 W in a white Dodge Avenger. The officer on patrol in the area observed Patton as he failed to stop before entering the sidewalk or roadway, then noticed the absence of a license plate on his vehicle. 

After stopping the car, the officer was greeted by an angry man yelling at him who did not comply when asked to return to his vehicle. Instead, Patton moved closer towards the officer who then detained and handcuffed him. The officer was forced to pull Patton to the ground after he began using force against him.

When asked for his information Patton refused to identify himself. The officer later found a wallet in the individual’s pocket which contained a Montana state ID identifying him as Barry Patton. 

When placed in the back seat of the police vehicle, Patton allegedly kicked and hit the sides of the car with various parts of his body until several pieces of the prisoner partition cage broke. 

After running Patton’s information in state and local systems, officials found that Patton’s vehicle did not have valid registration or insurance, and Patton himself did not have a driver’s license. 

Prior to being impounded, Patton’s vehicle was thoroughly examined. Officers were able to detect marijuana as well as a glass pipe. 

When the officer on scene went to check if Patton’s handcuffs were too tight, the suspect allegedly turned towards him and spit onto his pants. 

While being transported to Timpanogos Hospital for medical clearance, the affidavit stated that Patton made numerous violent threats against the officer driving him, the officer’s family, and other police officers, while continuing to damage the vehicle with force. 

While at the hospital, Patton continued to make violent threats and was uncooperative with medical staff. Eventually, Patton was medically cleared and transferred to Utah County Jail. 

While in transport, Patton allegedly began to threaten the lives of children, explaining that he was going to execute an attack on a school bus of kids. 

Patton was booked in at Utah County Jail on charges of damaging a place of confinement, assault on a police officer, propelling a substance at a police officer, interference with an arresting officer, failure to disclose identity, possession of marijuana, possession of paraphernalia, operating a vehicle without insurance, failure to register, and no valid license. 

At this time Patton has multiple warrants out for his arrest, as well as many other convictions in numerous states, which include felony convictions.