COTTONWOOD HEIGHTS, Utah (ABC4) – Charges have been refiled against an Idaho couple accused of exploiting a Utah speed skater in the months leading up to his death.

Marina Billings, 50, and her husband, Robert Billings, 71, of Pocatello each face a Second Degree Felony charge of Financial Exploitation of a vulnerable adult. Marina additionally has been charged with Aggravated Abuse of a Vulnerable Adult, a Second Degree Felony. These are the same charges brought against the Idaho couple earlier this year that had been dismissed in March.

According to charging documents, Marina Billings met speed skater Boris Leiken online in 2020 and the two entered an intimate relationship. Marina reportedly moved in with Leiken in Spring of 2021, when he began “not feeling well and having medical problems.”

Court documents say Leikin went in and out of the hospital beginning in May until the day he passed away on July 6, 2021. The Cottonwood Heights Police Department (CHPD) said Leiken had died from an aggressive and lethal form of Creutzfeldt-Jacob Disease, or Mad Cow disease.

Marina moved into Leiken’s home in Cottonwood when his health started to decline, according to the charging documents. During this time, Marina allegedly told his neighbors that she would be taking care of Leiken and his finances while he was in the hospital. According to the charging documents, Marina invited one neighbor into Leiken’s home to be witness to a change to “one line” in Leiken’s will. Another man, later identified as Marina’s husband, was reportedly in the home as well.

“[The neighbor] observed Marina put a pen in Mr. Leiken’s hand with the will on the table and Mr. Leiken could not sign the document,” the charging document states. “Marina began to ‘coax’ Mr. Leiken to sign the document. [The neighbor] then observed Mr. Leiken signed the document, but noted his hand was shaking and Marina commented ‘he wasn’t there.'”

Several documents, including a Power of Attorney, was allegedly sent to a notary by Marina while Leiken was in the hospital. On a day when one of the documents was signed by Leiken, a nursing assistant who accompanied him described him as “not all with it” in the charging documents.

The Power of Attorney and modified will named Marina Billings as the sole beneficiary and personal representative of Leiken’s estate, according to court documents.

Officers reportedly searched the Billing’s residence and located a PVC pipe with wires that Robert Billings reportedly described as being used only to thread wires. According to the documents, when officers pulled the wires it opened a hidden room where officers found Leiken’s Will, Power of Attorney, Trust, and other documents that were allegedly created by Marina and Robert Billings.