‘I’d wear it again:’ Utah teen at center of prom dress controversy speaks

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A Utah teenager is getting some heat for her choice in prom attire.

Keziah Daum, who is not Chinese, posted pictures on Twitter of herself wearing a traditional Chinese dress for prom. According to a report from Insider, the teen attends Woods Cross High School.

The internet immediately reacted. Twitter user Jeremy Lam‘s response was widely shared after he responded to her tweet saying “My culture is not your g**d**n prom dress”.

His tweet as well her original tweet has caused a firestorm from both sides of the argument.

“It just ended up blowing up more than I ever thought it would,” Daum told News4Utah. “I would wear it again, for sure.”

Despite all of the backlash, Daum tweeted that she is sorry for offending people, but she is not going to delete the post.

“I’m just appreciating other cultures and I think it is beautiful. No need to create so much hate for something that’s clearly not there :),” she stated.

Lam told Good Morning America Wednesday he was mostly offended by a particular picture that shows Daum making a “stereotypical Chinese posture,” while wearing the dress. Daum said she and her friends were mimicking a famous YouTube star. 

The traditional Chinese dress, called a quipao, became popular in the early 20th century in Shanghai, according to Chinese media outlets who reported on the controversy. 

The tweet has been re-tweeted over 4,000 times and liked over 64,000 times.

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