WEST VALLEY CITY (ABC4) – Josh Tisdale was riding his bike around 4100 South and 4800 West in West Valley when police say the driver of a dark gray SUV ran a red light, hit him and kept driving. Today, West Valley City police say they have located that vehicle and have a person of interest in this case.

Tisdale was taken to the hospital in critical condition. Now, he is on a long road to recovery and sharing what he wants others to know.

They hit me and kept going. I don’t remember much after that,” said Tisdale.

Tisdale was taken to the hospital with multiple broken bones.​

“I just wanna know why they didn’t stop. People don’t need to be hurting people and if people are getting hurt then we should be there to help them,” he said.

His friend, Andy Trolson, says he’s known Tisdale for around 20 years and is dating his sister. He says they were stunned when they got the call about what happened. 

“It was shocking, especially the fact that they didn’t stay, they just left,” he said.

Trolson says Tisdale had three fractured vertebrae, a skull fracture and a contusion on his brain.

“I can’t remember if it’s his leg or ankle that’s broke, but I know he’s had surgery on that and is supposed to have another one,” he said.

Tisdale and Trolson are asking that people remember to drive carefully and look out for other people.

“It’s not just other vehicles, it’s bikes, it’s people walking, it’s motorcycles, just be more aware and pay attention and if something like that happens, stop,” Trolson said.

Trolson says even with a long recovery ahead — his family is grateful that he’ll be okay.

“Hopefully he’s not gonna have any long-term problems after this, I imagine his neck’s gonna bother him for the rest of his life, but other than that, he’s just kind of lucky to be alive,” said Trolson.

“Please don’t drive with your telephones and pay attention to people because everybody deserves to be seen, heard and helped,” Tisdale said.

Tisdale is currently recovering in a rehabilitation center where he will be for around 30 days and then spend the next few months in aftercare at a family member’s home.

A GoFundMe has been set up for the family.