‘I didn’t rape anyone’: Torrey Green testifies as rape trial nears end

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BRIGHAM CITY, Utah (ABC4 News) – For hours Tuesday, the former Utah State University football player accused of raping several women testified that he did not rape or attempt to rape anyone, even though six women have accused him of doing so. 

“Six different women, none of them know each other, and yet they also accuse you of strikingly similar sex assaults,” asked prosecuting attorney Spencer Walsh. “All these women say you sexually assaulted them the very first time you got them alone. Is that bizarre to you?”

“Yes,” Green replied. 

Before cross examination, Green’s defense attorney Skye Lazaro asked him if he felt he did anything wrong. He said his parents had always taught him to respect women and to remain abstinent before marraige. Green admitted on the stand that he was very sexually active during his college days, and that he had sex with “most” of the people he met on the dating app Tinder. 

If he could do it all over again, Green said he would have chosen to remain abstinent from sex and truly live for God – “not to say I’m a Christian and not act like it. Don’t be a hypocrite.”

Green said he believes there were times he did not take the feelings of the women he dated into enough consideration, but he never raped them. Lazaro has based her case trying to argue that the women accused Green of raping them out of a need for attention – establishing the rape allegations only came out as Green was being considered to play for the Atlanta Falcons. 

Green’s teammate testified early on in the day that Green would frequently quote Bible verses in the locker room and that it was apparent Green was a religious man who “believed in the commandments.” Still, the teammate testified he had heard rumors that Green was “too forward” with women, to which the defense objected, calling the testimony hearsay. The judge instructed the jury to disregard that portion of the teammate’s testimony. 

Green began to sob on the witness stand as Lazaro asked him about how this case had ruined his football career. 

“I wanted to be the person that came back and did something for my community,” Green said through tears. “That was my number one goal.” Green described growing up in a low income community in southern California. He said his parents instilled in him a desire to make something of himself and to be a good role model for other children. 

On cross, Walsh worked to impeach Green’s testimony about respecting women by having him read text messages Green sent to a friend. 

“Isn’t it true that you often refer to women as ‘bitches and hoes,'” Walsh asked, showing Green text messages he had sent referring to girls he had dated. Green admitted that sometimes he did not use the best language to describe women, but said it wasn’t because he was a rapist. 

One text read: Do you think it’s hard for me to get p***y? That sh*t is too easy.” Upon objection by the defense, the judge called a recess to weigh whether those texts were applicable to the cases in question. Declaring they speak to the character of the witness, the judge allowed the texts to be read in front of the jury. 

“Sir, isn’t it true that you think it’s really easy for you to get female genitalia, as you so crassly put it…because you refuse to take no for an answer,” Walsh asked. 

“When I hear ‘no,’ there is no sex,” Green replied. 

One by one, Green denied all the allegations of rape, attempted rape or sexual abuse – saying all of the sexual encounters he had with five of the alleged victims were consensual. Green testified he never had sex with the second alleged victim. 

Still, the question arose about something Green said to one of the alleged victims after an encounter. The alleged victim testified Green asked her if she was “the type of girl who would report a rape. I’ve had friends get messed up for that.”

Green denied saying that, but in a recorded phone call played for the jury last week, he reminded the alleged victim over the phone that he had asked her that very question. 

“If a man and a woman had sexual contact, and afterward the man says ‘Are you the kind of person that would report me for rape,’ isn’t that the kind of thing a rapist would say?,” asked Walsh.

 “I don’t know,” Green replied.

“I didn’t rape anyone or sexually abuse anyone,” Green testified.

Closing arguments are expected to begin Wednesday. After, the jury is expected to deliberate before it reaches a verdict. 

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