‘I can’t live through this twice’: Cedar City residents left heartbroken after floods

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CEDAR CITY, Utah (ABC4) – There’s still about three feet of mud left in the Flying L Ranches in Cedar City and residents say the clean-up effort will take months.

“I’m just trying to focus on one thing at a time, just one thing at a time, since I woke up this morning, I’ve been really trying to keep it positive, because that’s the only way I can move forward,” says Susann Barker.

Drone footage shot by Steve Lamoreaux shows just how bad flooding is at the Flying L Ranches in Cedar City. The green house is Susann Barker’s who got the brunt of the flood waters. She lost several cars, some chickens and her garage is now piles of mud. Residents say they need all the help they can get.

“People who have machinery that might be able to help us, or might be able to lend us something, or might be able to haul things away,” says Barker.

She’s left in tears after several people stepped in to help.

“There’s no way I can pay back these people who have helped me, it’s all about just paying it on to the next person who needs it,” says Barker.

People in this neighborhood are uneasy because they say the Stevensville Ditch, which runs behind their homes hasn’t been properly maintained by Iron County and Cedar City, however Iron County officials say it was cleared four years ago.

“I can’t live through this twice, I can’t afford it the first time, I can’t live here if they don’t take care of things, I can’t make it work if this is going to happen again,” says Barker.

Iron County Commissioner, Paul Cozzens is widening the channel. He says they’re clearing out debris from the last storm, to better prepare for the possibility of more flooding.

“We cancelled our flood insurance In May, because this used to be a flood plane years and years ago, but they built that, so they could build on this property,” says Barker.

Residents estimate this neighborhood has millions of dollars worth of damage and say they’re likely have to pay repairs with their own money. Barker says she can only hope the city and county will prevent something like this from happening again.

The Barker’s have a GoFundMe set up, to help click here.

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