Hyrum State Park: Hidden gem in Cache County

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CACHE COUNTY, Utah (ABC4 Utah) – This Memorial weekend, you don’t want to miss some of the amazing parks here in Utah. 
ABC4 Utah has been able to see some awesome sights traveling to state parks on the Good4Utah Road Tour. 
Hyrum State Park is a money spot in Cache County. It’s got a designated fishing dock and a beach for family fun making it a hot spot in northern Utah.
When summer hits it’s near impossible to not crave the campfire, outdoor barbecues and fun in the sun that you can find on a family trip. All of that is actually attainable at Hyrum State Park.
Nestled right at the foot of the mountains, the state park is a slice of simplicity that can be appreciated by all ages. 
Friends are not hard to come by at Hyrum State Park, the dozens of camping sites can rescue anyone from the hustle and bustle of the city. 
“It’s worth your travel, we’re from the Perry area. We’ve been up through all the northern parks, including some of the southern parks, unbelievable, this is by far our favorite park,” said Don Tycz, camper. 
“What’s kind of unique and cool, is having the campground so close to the water and overlooking the water. We have two cabins that are very popular and people keep coming back each year,” said Brady Barney, park ranger. 
Park ranger Brady Barney says he loves seeing familiar faces and knows that Hyrum State Park is the perfect spot for families looking for some quality time with nature. 
“It’s small, it’s hidden, but we have it all here. From camping and fishing, to being out on the lake, playing on the water,” said Barney. 
The fishing is quite the draw because you don’t have to have a boat to catch some excitement. The fishing pier gives anglers a little more depth and the catch of the day might surprise you. 
“Touts a big one people fish for. Also, we have bass. Not a lot of people know about it. And it’s something we’re not really known for. And the bass fishers that come here probably don’t like me telling. Because they really like their spot here. But bass fishing is really great here as well as perch,” said Barney. 
To find out more information or to book your campsite, visit https://stateparks.utah.gov/parks/hyrum/.

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