Hyperthermia in the fast lane helping heat and kill cancer tumors

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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 News)- In part two of our series on a specific type of cancer treatment that involves medically heating and killing cancer, we meet two people who thought they had run out of options. They have defied the odds with what’s called hyperthermia treatment, and now they have their life back.  

Jack Richardson is a vintage car racer at 81 years young!

“It’s very satisfying to do a nice corner nice exit,’ said Jack. 

But several years ago, Jack took a ride he never wanted to go on.

“My PSA was climbing.”

He had external beam radiation but his aggressive cancer in his prostate returned two years ago.

“Cancer is cancer it’s a serious matter,” said Jack. 
Cancer runs in Jack’s family and to him, it was a death sentence. 

“Four of my siblings are gone from cancer.” 

So when Jack was referred to Gamma West Cancer Services in the Salt Lake Valley, from out of state, he jumped at that ounce of hope.

“I don’t think there was another option. I said fine to get it welded and get back on track.” 

Nicole Flygare, 40, of Orem, faced having her tongue removed because of a recurring aggressive form of cancer.

“I found a lump on my tongue. It was a hard time it was difficult. If I don’t have a tongue I can’t do my job,” said Nicole. 

“You never look quite right, speak quite right, swallow quite right,” said Dr. Hayes. 

That was hard news to swallow. But doctors and technicians at Gamma West gave her a different taste of medicine to save her tongue.

They put catheters up her neck and through her tongue to deliver radiation and hyperthermia, heat at 110 degrees.

It all looks menacing but a year later she is cancer free.  

“They were great, I couldn’t thank them enough,” said Nicole. 

And for Jack?
“I won, I won. It’s like winning a race.” 
His team at Gamma West was like his pit crew, and together, beating cancer for Jack was better than crossing any finish line.

“Got it back; got the future back.” 

Jack is back in the fast lane and returned to the track a few weeks ago.

In part 3, experts say the miracles don’t end by killing targeted cancer tumors. They say hyperthermia also helps boost the immune system to kill cancers elsewhere in the body. 

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