Hundreds sandbag to prevent burn scar flash flooding

Local News

ELK RIDGE, Utah (News4Utah) The threat of flash flooding could bring debris from the Bald Mountain fire closer to homes than flames reached.

The Utah Army National Guard and hundreds of volunteers hustled Monday night to sandbag flood-prone areas ahead of possible flooding below the burn scar.

A mixture of ash, fire debris and rain could be as thick as concrete, according to city officials.

“We thought everything was over when the fire was over. But now we aren’t praying for rain,” Mark Goold said.

The goal is to divert flash flooding away from homes, turning Loafer Canyon Drive into a river.

Eighty-one year old Carol Goold lives alongside the roadway.

“These are my treasures from the basement. My furniture and everything,” Goold said.

The widow returned home last Monday after a ten day evacuation. She’s worried ash and debris left behind after the Bald Mountain fire could end up in her basement.

“There isn’t a lot we can do. I’m not calling the shots from up there,” Goold said pointing up.

Carol Goold wasted no time enrolling in emergency flood insurance offered by FEMA Monday morning.

“We could be in a world of hurt,” Mark Goold said.

By the end of Monday, volunteers expected to have filled up to 15,000 sandbags.

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