Hundreds line up in El Salvador to receive gift of sight

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You may have noticed the last few days Jon DuPre has been absent from ABC4 News at 10. He’s still on the clock… in El Salvador.

Jon is chronicling the work of a group of Utah doctors who traveled there to perform free eye surgeries. Here’s a look into some of the work he’s been observing, so far.

Hundreds of people lined up for the second day outside the Ignacio Central in Juayua, El Salvador. The people came from small towns and villages far and wide.

Here they are given a ticket to gain entrance to this massive processing center where their eyes will be examined and their vision will be diagnosed.  Some will receive reading glasses, some will receive prescription lens glasses, and some will be referred to surgery where a handful of Utah volunteers are standing by across town to give them the gift of sight.

Jon will be in El Salvador until midweek. He’ll bring you the stories of as many of the people as he can and show the work of Utah volunteers who are working with the organization called I Care International. 

Folks from all over the United States are joined in this effort to bring the gift of sight to the people of El Salvador.

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