Hundreds call for end to immigrant family separation

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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (News4Utah) – Hundreds gather in downtown Salt Lake City Thursday evening asking lawmakers to protect undocumented immigrants.

They also want to keep those families together. It was a night of powerful emotion as Utahns in support of immigration reform demanded change from lawmakers.

“Our representative is so out of touch on this issue, that they haven’t been willing to even debate this issue, and that means that families continue to live in fear. That’s unacceptable to me,” said Valerie Jimenez, Vice President of a VotoLatino Chapter. 

Supporters say the heart of their fight is for families. They don’t want children to be ripped apart from parents any longer.

This event is in direct response to actions against immigrants including those coming to the United States to escape domestic abuse and gang violence.

“This reality hits home to about 100,000 undocumented Utahns here. We want to raise awareness about the issues that are going on, and to urge people to take action.”

“I don’t know a single nonbeliever that supports separating children from their parents. This inhumane terrorist way of acting and it seems to have pass of those who consider themselves godly,” said Joshua Cameron, supporter. 

Marlen Olmedo comes from a family of undocumented immigrants and has been separated from her family. She says this event is about unity.

“This isn’t about Latinos. This is about immigrants, about refugees, about people who feel they’ve been affected by this immigration system. When we unify together, we come to understand each other struggles,” said Olmedo. 

Organizers say they hope this day can be a change, and more people can pursue the American Dream.

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