LAKE POWELL (ABC4) – A group of people spending some time out on Lake Powell caught something people rarely get to see on camera.

Mila Carter caught footage of a huge rock slide happening right on the side of the lake on Monday.

Video shows the giant rock falling into the water, creating a decent-sized wave from the water displacement.

Not only that, above the water, you can see what looks like an explosion of dust and debris.

The video captured comes as drought conditions continue to plague Utah and many other states.

Lake Powell water levels are at a historic low, causing the 2022 Drought Response Operations to authorize a release of 500,000 acre-feet from Flaming Gorge Dam, as well as possible releases from Blue Mesa Reservoir in Colorado and a Navajo reservoir in New Mexico if needed later in the year.

Water from Flaming Gorge will travel south into Glen Canyon Dam, flowing into the Green River, then the Colorado River and finally into Lake Powell.