How well is the biggest filter in your home working?

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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4Utah) – It’s midsummer and at this point your carpet could probably use a pretty good cleaning.

Right now, there are quite a few filters in action in your home. Dishwasher, furnace, air, etc. Your carpet is the biggest filter in your home helping improve your quality of life. A common myth is that carpet is bad for allergies. It is actually filtering out pollen, dirt, and debris from your home. People, pets, kids and others come in and out of your home all the time.

It’s one of the biggest investments in your home to maintain. You’ve got to clean it so it can continue to filter your home.

Jake Stone, from Zerorez, recommends you vacuum as many times a week

as you have adults or pets in your home. The stuff that can get stuck in the carpet can be all kinds of gunk: dust, skin, hairs, toenail, bacteria etc.

Cleaning a carpet professionally doesn’t always ensure you’re getting all of the gunk out correctly. Some carpet cleaners will come in and only use jets in some section push it all back down into the back of the carpet. It’s just not doing a good job.

Zerorez’s process is going to use counter rotating brushes to pulls it all up to the top. All debris is removed. Fluids are controlled so that water isn’t shooting down into the backing of the carpet.

Right now you can clean 3 rooms for $33 each and by mentioning Zeroerz on ABC4Utah get the 4th room free. Call 801-288-9376 or visit or to book a cleaning.

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