UTAH (ABC4) – In the age of the pandemic, vaccine cards are becoming the new ID card in many ways. With an increasing number of venues requiring proof of vaccination before entering, it’s more important than ever to keep that vaccine card safe.

But life happens and sometimes you can’t help but misplace important things. Before that occurs, if you have a mobile phone, keeping a digital copy is a great way to ensure a backup.

Here’s a quick and easy guide to saving your vaccine card on your mobile device.

For Apple phones (iPhones):
The simplest way to store a digital copy of any document is through the “Notes” app.

In “Notes”, tap “Create a new note”
Then tap “Scan Documents”
Place the card in front of the camera and it will either auto scan if your phone is set on auto or you can manually tap the shutter button or a volume button to take a picture.
You can edit the corners to fit the document
Click “Save”

For Android phones:
Open the “Google Drive” app and tap the “+” sign
Click “Create New”
Tap “Scan”
You can crop the area to fit the card
Tap “Save”

Digital vaccine copies are also typically stored at many retail pharmacy providers such as Walmart, CVS, Kroger, Costco, and more. Your local healthcare provider should also have a digital vaccination record in the event your card is lost.

Most recently, entertainment/sports ventures that have announced mandated proof of vaccination for attendees include concert promoter AEG Presents, the Las Vegas Raiders, and indoor shows at Utah music venues The State Room and The Commonwealth Room.

Live Nation and IMGoing announced earlier this month that they will allow performers to mandate vaccinations or negative COVID tests if they desire.