How to keep your kids safe on smart technology

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Many parents are turning to technology to help keep their kids safe, but there are growing concerns about some of these devices designed for children. Robert Jorgensen, Cybersecurity Program Director at Utah Valley University joined Emily Clark with ways to have a safer experience with technology.

A number of consumer privacy groups have contacted the Federal Trade Commission and their UK equivalent to ask for an investigation into the security of smartwatches. These watches usually have a cellular data connection that allows kids to keep in touch with their parents, and parents to keep track of their child’s location.

Jorgensen says there are two main concerns with these devices. The first concern is privacy. The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) limits the kind of information that companies can gather form children under 13 years-old. These devices have the ability to collect a lot of data. The second concern is the security of devices. Since these devices can track the children’s location and interact via text and voice, it is imperative these devices are thoroughly secured so child predators and others cannot use them to collect a lot of data.

When asked about what parents should do concerning these issues, Jorgensen says to research the devices and find out what protections your service provider has in place. Additionally, make sure to have a good password or lock code on your apps and devices that can contact children.

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