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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah- (News4Utah) – How about some cash for that wood burning stove or fireplace? The Department of Environmental Quality is accepting applications of a grant program that could pay you up to $3,800 to remove your wood fireplace and replace it with a natural gas or propane one.

Air quality is a growing concern along the Wasatch Front.

Last year, DEQ issued 143 “no burn” days in Northern Utah.

“We are very mindful of our environment at our house. We saw this as a way for us to do our part and clear our air,” Zach Robinson of Sandy told News4Utah.

The Robinson family decided to make a change last year, and swamp out their wood burning stove for a natural gas fireplace. It was a decision made easier by the DEQ and UCAIR Wood stove rebate program. About 14 percent of homes along the Wasatch Front, so the program allows homeowners to reduce emissions. According to the DEQ, a natural gas unit is about 500 times cleaner than an uncertified wood stove unit. 

“It allows us to heat our home when air quality is suboptimal. Instead of burning wood and putting those pollutants out into the air, We can clean burn,” Zach Robinson, Sandy resident, said.

Applications for the program went live a week ago. The DEQ says they were overwhelmed with interest in the Salt Lake County area, and the 1,000 grants available in that area have been claimed. 

“All the low hanging fruit is gone as far as emissions controls and now it’s time to really, as residents of the state of Utah to step up and make personal choices to clean our air,” Mark Berger, an Air Quality Policy Manager for the DEQ, said. 

In total, 3,000 grants are up for grabs, with several available for the Logan area and in Utah County. The program offers homeowners three options. If you exchange a working wood stove or convert a fireplace to natural gas or propane, you can receive a rebate between $2,500 to $3,500. 

“They can convert their uncertified wood stove to an EPA certified wood stove. that’s a $500 grant to do that. And the third is a bounty, if you have a wood stove and get rid of it and not replace it with anything you can get a $250 rebate,” Mark Berger, an Air Quality Policy Manager for the DEQ, said of the options. 

To apply or see if you qualify,  click here for a link to the application process.

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