UTAH (ABC4) – What should you do if you’re concerned about a teacher at your child’s school? ABC4 spoke with the Utah State Board of Education about your options.

They say parents should go to the principal and superintendent and share their concern.

However, you can also file a complaint with the State Board of Education.

The Utah Professional Practices Advisory Commission will review the case and then make a recommendation.

The board says the biggest issue they come across is a lack of professional boundaries with students, stating, “The biggest issue that we have are teachers that don’t maintain professional boundaries with students. That can be anything from just being a little too casual with students to discussing inappropriate topics with students and developing inappropriate relationships with students.

For the commission to make a recommendation, they say it can take anywhere from a few months to a year, depending on the case.

That recommendation is then given to the Utah State Board of Education, which will make the final decision.