SALT LAKE COUNTY (ABC4) – The latest quarantine guidelines from the CDC and Utah Department of Health could have a big impact on Utah schools.

This guidance allows people who test positive for COVID to come out of quarantine in as little as five days. Prior to this announcement, it was a minimum of 10 days.

Ben Horsley, the director of communications and community outreach for the Granite School District told ABC4 this could mean a lot more students staying in school. 

“It’s going to minimize the impact that we’ve already experienced instead of students being gone, or employees being gone for an extended period of time,” said Horsley. 

Under this new guidance, unvaccinated students exposed to COVID could potentially come back to school in as little as five days. 

While the quarantine timeline has changed, Horsley said the district wants to be clear, the drop in days only applies if you have no symptoms. 

“So if you’re past that five days, and you’re still experiencing symptoms, that is not a green light to return to school, you still need to remain home if you’re experiencing symptoms,” said Horsley. 

While some parents may be concerned by these new guidelines, Horsley said the district trusts the CDC, Utah Department of Health and Salt Lake County Health Department, which back these guidelines. 

“If they feel like this is the best direction to go. We support it and we’re going to continue to adhere to their guidance,” said Horsley.