How teachers are using the eclipse in the classroom

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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 Utah) – Using the eclipse in the classroom. Some schools will be in session on Monday and teachers are taking full advantage of it. 
Instructors are using the eclipse as a learning tool for students of all ages across all subjects. 
“It’s a great way to get students excited about science right from the start.” 
Lauryn Snow is a first grade teacher at Parkview Elementary and she’s ready with plenty of solar glasses. 
“When they come in they get their little solar eclipse book and for their self-start they’ll be coloring in it, later we’ll be going through it together,” said Snow. 
She’s confident even first graders can learn something through this massive event. 
“We get to draw to show how the shadow falls on the earth an then we’ll be talking a lot about the glasses and the importance of wearing them any time we’re out and looking,” said Snow. 
“We ordered 2100, we wanted to make sure all our custodial staff, the daycare, everyone had glasses as well,” said East High School Assistant Principal Whitney Watchman. 
Watchman wants to make sure 2,000 high schoolers learn from the eclipse as well. 
“We’ll go up as a school, they’ll go up with their first period B day, so that could be language arts, that could be science, that could be PE, but having something that’s specific to their content area with what we’re doing,” said Watch. “It’s a great learning opportunity and a great opportunity for us all to be learners together.”
About half of the districts in the state will be in school by Monday. If you’ve got kids that will be in school on Monday make sure you ask them what they’ll be doing for the eclipse. Even if their school hasn’t been able to get a hold of some solar glasses, there are tons of ways they can participate. 

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