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(ABC4) – Think Utah is a safe state? A new report shows how safe Utah is, based on FBI data, and outlines the 10 safest cities in the Beehive State.

Safewise, which compiles reviews, videos, and articles regarding home safety, recently released its seventh-annual Safest Cities report.

The report says Utah’s violent crime saw a slight uptick, rising from 2.3 incidents per 1,000 people in 2020 to 2.4. Despite this, Safewise reports Utah’s violent crime is 35% lower than the national average.

Since 2019, Safewise reports Utah’s property crime rate has dropped 22%.

Within the Mountain region, Safewise says the Beehive State has the second-lowest violent crime rate at 2.4, just behind Idaho and Wyoming, which are tied for the lowest rate at 2.2 incidents per 1,000 residents, each.

According to the report, Utahns are about 23% less worried about crime and safety than residents in most other states, with 66% of residents saying Utah is a safe state to call home.

Safewise says their survey determined:

  • 46% of Utahns worry about package theft and 27% reported a package theft in the last year – both above the national averages of 45% and 20%, respectively
  • Reported experience with gun violence fell from 9% to 2% this year
  • Respondents reported concerns about gun violence happening to them is 32%, below the national average of 38%
  • Over 50% of Utahns think crime is increasing compared to 7% who think it is decreasing
  • The Beehive State has the eleventh-lowest level of daily concern about crime and safety

Safewise says experience with violent crime dropped from 15% last year to 5% in this year’s survey, but the state’s violent crime rate rose by 4%.

“Robberies, murders, and aggravated assaults each make up a smaller percentage of violent crimes in Utah than they do across most of the country,” Safewise reports.

They add that rape makes up a significantly higher percentage of violent crimes in Utah than it does nationally – 24% versus 8%. This may be due to varying definitions of rape, according to Safewise.

Statewide, 27% of respondents report using some form of personal protection, like a stun gun, below the national average of 34%.

The biggest daily worry in Utah? Gun violence, according to Safewise. Forty-one percent of those surveyed report gun violence is their top safety concern. While this is higher than Utah’s overall daily concern about safety (by five percentage points), it is below the national average of 53%.

The Safewise report also outlines the safest cities in Utah. While 35 Utah cities met the criteria to be considered for ranking, Safewise outlined just 10 that topped out the list.

Safewise Report: The Safest Cities in Utah
  1. Saratoga Springs
  2. Farmington
  3. Springville
  4. Clinton
  5. Pleasant Grove
  6. North Ogden
  7. Bountiful
  8. Kaysville
  9. Syracuse
  10. Spanish Fork

Safewise says Spanish Fork moved up from second place to claim the title of the safest city in Utah for the first time. Only Farmington and Saratoga Springs fell in rankings, year over year.

According to the report, one murder was reported among the safest cities, in Springville. Seventy percent of Utah’s safest cities reported 25 or fewer total violent crimes, with violent crime among all 10 67% lower than the statewide violent crime rate.

Despite ranking the safest, Safewise reports none of these 10 cities reported fewer than 100 property crimes. Syracuse had the fewest property crimes at 196.

Safewise says its report is based on FBI crime data and population data from the U.S. Census Bureau.

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