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How nonprofit journalism could change the ‘media landscape’

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In this “fake news” era people struggle with the reliability of information coming from the media. A local 501(c)3 nonprofit hopes to gain back the public’s trust.

The Utah Investigative Journalism Project is dedicated to developing watchdog investigative stories and providing investigative training to local journalists.

Eric S. Peterson, Executive Director of the project joined News4Utah in studio to discuss why he started this nonprofit.

Peterson said the “troubled media world” struggles to do long term investigative projects because so many hardworking reporters are simply doing the best they can covering all the breaking news and events of the day.  He says the project covers comprehensive, records based investigative reporting to clarify complex issues and will hopefully help restore some trust lost by the public.

 “We can’t afford to take the media for granted any longer and the reality is that may mean citizens may need to show more support for their media outlets, to ensure that we can continue to play our vital watchdog role,” he said.

Peterson added he thinks  nonprofit journalism will be “a crucial part in protecting the fourth estate.”

To donate and follow the work Peterson is doing visit

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